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International Trade Promoters Limited (ITPL), specializes in consulting in the areas of Trading of Goods & Services, covering many Industries sectors trading such as Health Care Equipment, Oil & Gas Transportation, Information Technology, Import/Export, Human Resources Problem Solving, Real Estate and Operations of small to medium businesses, and Currency Trading for High net worth Individuals and Companies. 

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Import and Exports

Consulting services for small businesses on;
Export/Import procedures. 
Advice and assistance on Export/Import Documentation,
Export Finance Solutions. Supplying Personal Protective Equipment etc.

Currency Trading

Provide solid advice on Foreign Currency Trading. (Beneficial to High Net Worth Individuals). 
Advise on techniques to maximize gains in the short term.

Real Estate

Consulting services when buying, selling and renting residential Real Estate around the world. Provide advice and assistance on all relevant documents from start to completion of a transaction.

Other Services

Advice on Private Placement, commodity trading and providing consultation through affiliated companies for Oil and gas pipelines, Waste to Energy, and Highly Specialized Areas in Information technology.
Marketing of Music etc.

Advanced engineering solutions


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"ITPL is not a Certified Financial Advisor, Registered Security Broker or A Stock Broker or Licenced Currency Trader.  ITPL is a business consultancy firm which provides advice to private individuals on or about business matters."

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